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We love to work with learners of all ages to share our love of RNA and its many important functions in human health and disease. Please get in touch if you are interested in partnering with us!


Molecular Puzzles: learning about RNA through video games

RNA, particularly noncoding RNA, is an underrepresented topic in coursework. We have developed a workshop using EteRNA, a video game developed by the Das lab at Stanford, to engage K-12 students in the structure and biological function of RNA and our research. 

Play EteRNA here

Chemistry of Life

Saturday Investigate and Sunday with a Scientist are monthly series held at the University of Nebraska State Museum at Morrill Hall, where elementary-school kids come to the museum for hand-on exploration of science. To engage kids in learning about nucleic acids, proteins, and the methods to determine their 3D structures, we held a series of activities including: DNA extraction from strawberries, building the DNA double helix using origami, making sugar crystals to learn about crystallography, and using 3D-printed models to illustrate biomolecular structure/function relationships.

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