The Team

Eichhorn research group


Principal Investigator


Catherine (Katie) D. Eichhorn

Principal Investigator

Current Graduate Students


Momodou Camara

Momodou's interest lies in understanding how gene expression is regulated. His goal is to become a chemistry professor and use the knowledge gained in the Eichhorn Lab to solve major chemical biology problems.

Undergraduate students


Amr Mohamed

Major: Biochemistry

Amr is interested in understanding the molecular structures and dynamics within living organisms. After graduation, he plans to be a university professor and conduct research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology fields.

Elizabeth Griggs

Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Math


723 Hamilton Hall
Department of Chemistry
University of Nebraska Lincoln
Lincoln NE 68508
ceichhor [at] unl [dot] edu


(402) 472-2426

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