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The Team

Eichhorn research group


Principal Investigator


Catherine (Katie) D. Eichhorn

Principal Investigator

Current Graduate Students

Momodou Camara

Momodou Camara

Momodou's interest lies in understanding how gene expression is regulated. His goal is to become a chemistry professor and use the knowledge gained in the Eichhorn Lab to solve major chemical biology problems.


Ernest Atsrim

Ernest is interested in the study of the structure and binding interactions of RNA-protein complexes to understand how these structures and binding interactions affect function of RNA-protein complexes.


Emmanuel Aidoo

Emmanuel's interest lies in using synthetic molecules to probe biological molecules (RNA) with a specific focus on how fluorogenic molecules interact with RNA aptamer. His goal is to become a researcher in chemical biology.


Sachithra Nadeeshani Bandula Kumaranayakage

Sachithra Nadeeshani is interested in the interaction between 7SK RNA and associated proteins within mammalian cells. She is also interested in biochemistry, Molecular, and Cell biology. Her goal after graduation is to be a professional biochemist.

Undergraduate students


Uyen Ha

Major: Chemistry

Uyen is interested in investigating the structures and functions of ribozymes. Her goal is to become a retail pharmacist and utilize her chemical knowledge to help her patients take their medications properly.

220623_TRiO Upward Bound Summer Bridge_236.jpeg

Trish Nguyen

Major: Chemistry

Trish Nguyen is interested in how RNA can be used as a treatment for several diseases. Their goal is to get a Bachelor's in Chemistry.

Eichhorn lab alums

Amr M. Sobeh, currently PhD student at Princeton University

Jacob Sorensen, currently Physicians Assistant student at UNMC

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