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The Eichhorn Group at UNL

Regulatory RNP structure and function

Exploring how noncoding RNA folds, assembles with proteins, and regulates cellular processes using chemical, structural, and physical approaches

The Eichhorn Group is a research lab at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. We use integrative structural biology methods including solution NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, Electron Microscopy, Mass Spectrometry, and more to understand the mechanisms of noncoding RNA-mediated cellular regulation. We are actively looking for colleagues to join the team!


Our research program uses integrated structural biology, biophysical, and chemical biology tools to investigate the folding and function of regulatory RNAs and RNPs. We aim to elucidate the biophysical properties governing RNP assembly and stability in order to achieve a rigorous understanding of how RNPs regulate gene expression in healthy individuals, and how dysfunction leads to divergent disease phenotypes. The principles deduced from these studies will provide valuable information on RNA conformational dynamics, RNA-protein recognition, and mechanisms of hierarchical protein assembly onto structured RNAs, enabling future studies to probe the mechanism further in vivo and informing the design of therapeutics to target diseases caused by improperly functioning regulatory RNPs. We take a highly interdisciplinary approach using solution NMR spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, and electron microscopy, as well as biochemical and biophysical methods to investigate RNA structure and dynamics, RNA-protein interactions, and RNP function.


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